‘Settle In’ Single by Aaron Semer – Review

Artwork Credit: Simon Flöter

Friday, October 11th – Aaron Semer released the folk-y, punk-y, melanchol-y ‘Settle In’ today, the second single off his upcoming record which has been titled Cape Disappointment– but don’t let the name fool you; Semer’s thoughtful lyricism and warm, clear guitar chords make for music that is anything but a disappointment.

‘Settle In’ is a song about chasing your dreams while also being in a relationship with someone you care very deeply for. The song tells the story of someone navigating the life they were drawn to, a life that includes difficulties and strife, but that they felt they had to pursue, while taking comfort in the commitment and dedication of their partner. For anyone who is lucky enough to be supported in their dreams and ambitions by a significant other, this song will hit home in the best way possible. Gentle drums accent a beautiful piano and guitar arrangement, and Semer’s soothing vocals carry the message easily across every second of his newest single.

Wistful and gracious, ‘Settle In’ is the perfect soundtrack to falling asleep by the fireplace in the arms of someone who loves you. You can listen to the new single on Aaron Semer’s Spotify, or watch the music video here! And remember to keep an eye out for the release of the full album Cape Disappointment on November 15th.

Keep up with Aaron and his music by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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